Sunday, March 11, 2012

The "Secret" to Fire Walking?

Another great story. I met a woman who went on a retreat taught by a Native American. It was a three week retreat out in a desert wilderness where she learned to let go of her fears, anger, hate, etc. The emphasis was heavy on forgiveness so that the participants could open their hearts to an increase of love and a higher way of thinking. The Native American was quite advanced in years, and had many wonderful insights to offer the people who were attending this retreat.

The end of the experience involved the ancient rite of "fire walking" over crimson coals. Not everyone in her group decided to try it. But she did it three times. The first time she practically ran across the hot coals unscathed, but by the third time she was able to relax and slowly walk across the coals without receiving a single blister.

I was amazed and said, "So was it learning 'mind' over 'matter'?" She said, "No. It was by using the power of 'love'." She said they learned how to clear away all negative thoughts, feelings, etc. and tune into God's higher power of love. It was love that enable many in her group to walk the coals.

I found the whole discussion fascinating. I admit I don't fully understand how the entire process works. We only visited for about twenty minutes. But I love this as an example of the incredible transforming power of love. With God all things are possible. And God is love. Interesting.